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Sow And You Shall Reap - B. P. Smythe this the a story of Elizabeth Waverly and Norman. They’ve been released from prison after killing residents at a care home. And they see a way of inheriting two million pounds. To do this, they kill Elizabeth Carragher and Elizabeth W (hereafter known as Liz W) takes Carragher’s place. Liz W turns up at the will reading, and finds a long lost brother, Victor Carragher, has inherited all the stuff. determined to inherit everything, Liz W and Norman hatch a plan that will take them to Majorca, hauntings and a lot of twists and turns.The blurb I’ve given you is blocked out (N/A if you’re reading this on goodreads or Amazon---If on the blog, you can highlight the block to read the full thing) for a good reason. The blurb off goodreads gives away so much.I wasn’t really a fan of the start. It dragged on a fair bit and the fact there were two Elizabeths was really confusing. However, once it got started, it really did get going properly.Liz W and Norman, while I never really liked them, I understood their motives and characters perfectly. As more people are killed off, the pace really gets going, but I never lost control of where I was in terms of who was alive and who was dead. The little minor characters got a lot of backstory, a nice touch.I definitely recognised the Stephen King references. Somebody’s mother in particular was essentially Margaret White, I think the name was (Carrie’s mother) and I’m sure there were many more.The ending was great. it’s a Halloween party and an illusion involving a guillotine and I just kept wanting to read on and on by then.The plot twists were really good, unexpected and really good fun. The ending was generally satisfying and I can’t wait for Smythe’s next novel-a more indepth look at Liz W’s history.Overall: Strength 3 tea to a good book that, once it’s pulled you in after 50 pages or so, keeps you there.