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The Devil's Footsteps - E. E. Richardson It's just a game, isn't it. Like one of those skipping rhymes, chants for little kids. A rhyme that predicts how you'll die. But anyway. It's just a rhyme. But not for Bryan. His brother went missing, when playing this game, and Bryan saw the Dark Man who took Adam away. Then Bryan finds two more boys who lost someone, apparently to The Dark Man. Somehow the children of the town are going missing and the Devil's Footsteps chant is somehow tying it all together.An original idea. Creepy chants aren't common in the world of horror, or at least as main parts in the horror. So it's nice seeing something different.The writing style is fairly simple, a little descriptive, easy to follow, leaving a fair bit to the imagination. I didn't really like the third person to start with, but got used to it and started enjoying it a bit more as we went on. The characters are well built up, with realistic reactions and personalities. Bryan you could easily get into the head of, understanding reasoning for actions.The plot seemed to follow one track with a lot of 'I didn't see that coming's every now and again. It was really fast paced, which was good. The suspense was built brilliantly throughout. You're left to wonder about the Dark Man, what he can and can't do, and so on throughout the book.I love the climax so much,on the path of stepping stones. It was a great climax, but the very end ie the last chapter, seemed a little rushed for my liking, and disappointing..There's not that much to say about this book other than it's one you should read if you want something a little different.Overall: Strength 3.5 rounded up to a 4 to a good piece of horror for the slightly younger audience