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Buried - Linda Joy Singleton Review: Thorn is the new girl in the school, and one of two Goths, she’s also able to find things, a fact she’d rather not share with her new classmates. So when she finds a locket, she ends up finding with it the grave of a newborn baby. Implicated in the whole mess, Thorn has to clear her name. The only way to do that is to ask around and see if one of her friends is a killer.Happy thoughts, right? Murder mystery with a goth girl at the heart of it all should be right up my street. I really liked the idea. Didn’t really care about the “smoking hot musician” who also crops up in the summary. Oh well.Rune and Thorn are your typical Goths, extremely individual and open for adventure. Thorn is resourceful and clever, but sometimes annoying.My favourite character is the Grin Reaper. I won’t say who it is, but it’s someone you aren’t expecting it to be. The Grin Reaper is the person that goes around exacting revenge on school bullies in such a way that it’ll hit them where it hurts, and leaves a little smiley face at places of work. I was a little disappointed when we were told what it was they did (with a name like that and no description at first, I’d expect a very happy death god), but said person was the best person in this.The mystery wasn’t creepy in any way, but I suppose, that’s not the point to this novel at all. The person responsible is also not the person that you’d expect it from, and all the people who you think it might be, while having fully legitimate reasons for being implicated, also have their own reasons as to why they also are not responsible.The characters didn’t really change much throughout the novel, which was a bit disappointing. I also didn’t like Thorn’s reaction to almost anything that wasn’t towards her darker alternative interests. Such as her reaction to the Cotton Candy Cowgirls, a band that seems to be devoted to pink. Yes, I get that she dislikes them. But that kind of reaction is bordering rudeness.The writing wasn’t stand out, but it’s not terrible either. You get a good sense of what’s happening and Thorn’s thoughts, but not much more than that.Something I did like was the mix of characters. Ok, it was essentially the stereotypical American High school full of cliques, but the clichés meant it was easy to keep track of characters.Overall: Strength 2 tea to a short and sweet mystery that didn’t really capture me.