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Hollyweird - Terri  Clark Review: Aly and Des are delighted when they win a competition to go to Hollywood and meet hottest film star ever Dakota Danvers. But when they get there, things start to go to hell...literally. Dakota is one of many sons of Satan, and gorgeous PA Jameson is a fallen angel. So as they discover Dakota’s evil plan, Aly and Des are going to need all their virtues to get though this...Aww, a fresh modern take on heaven and hell set slap bang in one of the most famous areas of the world. A recipe for a fun light read. And it was just that, a fun read that is really irreverant and a break from more serious stuff.I don’t think the prologue-y bit was necessary. It kind of se the scene, but it didn’t make me amazingly interested in it. The set up could easily have been done while in Hollywood.I love the idea of paranormal creatures infiltrating Hollywood without humans knowing/caring. And I wonder what Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears would make of this book. Using living people as characters, however minor, is always a bit risky. Implying they they’re demons or humans that have been lead off the path is even riskier. But it was funny.Aly and Des don’t really develop throughout. You see everything happening to them, but aside from them using their virtues to overcome this sins that Dakota sent their way, there’s not much.I really liked the idea of Dakota sending the sins after he girls. It’s something different and including the seven deadly sins is a great way of making me like a book. Even if we don’t see all of them properl. Side note, I love the fact that Aly and Des missed out the death for “lust” from Se7en. Conveniently mission out one of the more...brutal/awkward killings...Congrats to Terri for keeping Aly’s and Jameson’s voices up throughout. They weren’t too distinctive, but they were ever bubbly and consistent and at times, annoying.Also congrats from removing a substantial love triangle. I’m so glad they Aly doesn’t properly fall in love with Dakota, with it just being an immense crush. A bit more realistic and breaking away from the norm.Overall: Strength 3 tea to a book that should be read by anyone looking for a quick read on Heaven and Hell that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.