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Giant Thief - David Tallerman Review: Easie Damasco is about to be hanged. He is saved when the warlord Moardrid comes along and orders him freed, even if it is just to be put in the army. But anyway. There he meets Saltlick, a giant who is twice the size of a man, and ends up becoming Saltlick’s carer, handler, friend on the journey to get Saltlick back to his home. But it’s not all that easy/ Maoradrid’s men are after a stone, the owner of which has the power to control the giants. And he thinks that Easie might have it.I don’t remember when I requested this, but upon starting to read, I could see why. Giants and a quest aren’t totally original, but I loved it here. Good adventures are always great stories to get lost in-and multiple times more interesting than a rugby match.Easie is instantly likeable-rogue, young, witty. Saltlick is a little strange to start with, but it’s not long until you fall in love with him. He’s like an intelligent pet, but much more than that. Estrada, the mayor of small town Muena Palaiya, is a strong woman who keeps going through pretty much everything. It is annoying that she’s the only recurring woman though (what is it with fantasy having almost single sex cast sometimes?)There’s a lot of supporting characters who turn up and disappear for various reasons. They aren’t always nice, but they’re realistic and do well in the story. You really get to know them as they go through everything, and you get to care for them.I loved the giant civilisation so much. It’s built up well with hints throughout, but when you get there, it really does feel like we’re in a new foreign country. The rest of the world setting is really good too.As I said, it’s not totally original, but there’s so much fun and adventure that it really doesn’t matter.Overall: Strength 3 tea to a fantasy adventure with a wellbuilt cast and characters/