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The Assassin's Curse

The Assassin's Curse - Review: Ananna’s parents have arranged a marriage to Tarrin. She’s not very happy about this. And so she steals a camel and runs away. Tarrin’s family aren’t very happy about this. They send an assassin about her. then she accidentally saves his life, binding them together. They go on a quest to sort this out.From the first few pages, I’d decided I liked Ananna. Throughout, she’s very strong, stands up for herself, and is generally awesome and independent. Naji is really very adorable. He’s also mysterious, and there’s lots of things to learn about.Together, they work excellently together. Their first encounter is not quiet and calm, but there’s a lot of them getting used to eachother, and also a lot of action. I like the fact that the romance is very slow-Ananna doesn’t realise she’s in love for ages.Ananna has a really distinctive voice/dialect/way of speaking. It didn’t take me long to get used to it, and that’s part of what made me love her- I could imagine her, sitting next to me, talking at me. It’s not very often that I can literally hear a character/narration. But it happened here.I love the mix of pirates, assassins and magic. Also, the physical/cultural setting-the mix of middle eastern culture plus the desert is a really magical place to be in. I really really loved this world.I like where it ended. And I didn’t. It ends at a natural place, which is a good set up for The Pirate’s Wish. But at the same time, it’s sudden, it hasn’t wound down to a stopping point for one book, and if you hadn’t decided you were going to read The Pirate’s Wish, you may be a bit let down by the ending. You’re expecting more things to happen but it just cuts off. I think Strange Chemistry should release an omnibus edition to improve the flow some day.I’m sorry this review is so short. Actually, it's not too bad, but I feel there's more I should be able to say about this book.. You know there's just that quality to some books where it’s just “I love this because reasons which I cannot articulate?” this book has it in spades.Overall: Strength 5 tea to a magical adventure with excellent characters.