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The Radleys - Matt Haig For some reason, the first time I saw this, it was shelved alongside YA paranormal romance. The subtle cover caught my eye, as it was completely different. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were easy to connect with, mostly likeable and believable. I like the originality, as Haig portrays the vampire in a completely different light to what we are used to. The writing was descriptive and well written, interspersed with black humour, my absolute favourite being when discussing what to do about Clara's killing, Helen says "I've brought the spade". The clever subplots underneath the main story all intertwine neatly with eachother and the general plot,which I really like. What the Radleys does fal down on is not being aimed at a certain audience. I know it was published in two seperate editions, but the opening read as a YA novel, whilst some content was, at some points, unsuitable for younger readers. And while I enjoy all the subplots, they slightly detract from the stories of Rowan and Clara, which I think were intended to be the main characters.