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Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 01 - Hiromu Arakawa We first see a a boy, kneeling and calling for someone in what looks like a scientific experiment goes wrong. Yes that is his leg that is missing. We then get to what appears to be a pub, where there is a young boy and what is basically a suit of armour. Everyone starts talking about alchemy, and it is revealed that aforementioned young boy and suit of armour are a couple of brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric. Just remember that Edward is the one with his body and Alphonse is the soul in steel. If you want to know exactly how this happens, read the manga. It also turns out that Edward is the FullMetal Alchemist, which is another way of saying he is extremely good at alchemy. The whole series, I think, is basically them trying to fight off enemies with their powers which, as is typical in shounen, they do fairly well. Its actually pretty hard to summarize this....The story was good and easy to understand. There are a few interesting plot twists, but most of it is pretty simple: fighting with a bit of witty dialogue in the middle of it.I liked the characters....sort of. Although we don’t get much character development (this contains fourchapters. You can’t expect character development in four chapters), you get a lot of backstory for Edward and Alphonse. The other characters such as Rose the nun and that priest person weren’t particularly stand out, but worked well with the story. My current favourite character is Lust, even though we see her in five pages only. Lust is depicted as a curvy woman who’s nail/claw thingy can go straight through a man’s head. Seriously, I want to read the next volume just so I can see how the rest of the deadly sins are portrayed.The art was well drawn. I don’t particularly like the style that much (I prefer it to be more flowy and soft, but thats rare in shounen) but the clean lines go well with the atmosphere of this series.