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Mercy - Rebecca Lim Mercy is an angel who has to take over someone's body for an indefinate amount of time in order to try and sort out something going on between heavenly beings. This time she's in Carmen's body, and taking part in a singing competition, in a town called Paradise. Here in Paradise she meets Ryan, whose sister went missing and everyone thinks is dead. Not Ryan though. Then another girl goes missing in vaguely similar circumstances, and Mercy decides she's going to try and rescue them both. Even if that does mean everyone might know she's an angel. Oh well.The concept is fairly interesting. I don't normally read angel-centric books, but this has a different spin on them, with the female main character being one rather than the normal male love interest. I also like the idea of her being forced to take over someone else's body as opposed to having one of her own.The plot was good and possibly slightly slow getting started, but once it got started, it was very good. I liked the way the mystery was brought in slowly as it mixed in with the getting used to the being in Paradise, then took over the last part for an interesting ending.I liked Mercy a lot. The way she had to adjust to life in her new body without a clue as to what was happening was realistic and showed that she was a strong enough character to handle it. Ryan I didn't like until we finally got to learn a bit more about his sister, and were presented it as the reason he was so distant(not sure if this is the best word to describe it, but it's something like that) to Mercy at the start. The supporting characters were interesting somewhat, but weren't the best.Even though it was written from Mercy's point of view, I felt kind of detached from what was going on. However the pacing was good and the writing flowed well.The very end bit was a little rushed, which while that was the point, I still think that while it leads very well onto the next book, doesn't give enough closure to this book, while not leaving on a complete cliffhanger.Overall: Strength 3 tea to a new spin on angels.