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Descended by Blood (Vampire Born, #1) - Angeline Kace Brooke wants to settle down in a town, and thats what she's been doing. She's got an extremely close best friend and has even managed to start going out with Jaren. And then one night she notices she's being followed. After shaking him off for a little, she ends up having a fight with this guy, who is trying to kidnap her, who ends up dead. She then discovers that she's a vampire-and there's nothing she can do about it because she's the kind of vampirism where it runs in the family. She is then sent off for protection from someone called Mirko, and decides she will leave as long as Kaitlynn (the best friend) comes too. When they meet Mirko, Brooke has no idea exactly how she's going to be protected by him. In the end she has to trust him and her friends to protect her while she has to find out who it is that wants her and exactly how to stop them.It took a little while to get going with the vampire element. The opening third was set up and romance, which to me felt slow and boring. For someone who enjoys romance, I think you'll like this part a lot. The middle was good. I got a good picture of the setting and what is happening. The ending was amazing. There's a lot of action, very fast paced, andI liked Brooke. Her reactions to everything were realistic and exactly what you'd expect from a teenage girl. The supporting characters, the ones I could remember, were good, fleshed out and given personalities.The names, for me anyway, were hard to remember. Probably because they're names that aren't common at all in everyday life. I like it when we get a couple of unique names, but for me I find that too many unique names makes it impossible to remember who's who due to the fact that I can't remember the names. However it's easy to tell who they are from their function in the story and their personality, so I remembered it all like that.I like the new take on vampires, their attitudes and such. We normally see powerhungry vampires, but Jelena takes it to a whole new level. As well as this, the general lore surrounding Angeline Kace's vampires is very interesting, completely different to the traditional vampire.The writing style was all from Brooke's point of view. It was written descriptively so I got a good understanding of what was going on, and the voice you could tell was that of a teenage girl.Overall: Strength 4 tea to an interesting new vampire trilogy I want to see more of.