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Invincible - Sherrilyn Kenyon Its the second book in the chronicles of nick series, and its jvery good, just like the first. It begins with a large dose of Nick and Kyrian's sarcasm, when Kyrian has to explain to Nick that he really isn't a vampire, just something that only can come out at night, has ridiculously long fangs, is pretty near immortal and is not a vampire. Despite Nick's overly cautious attitude, Kyrian wins, probably because Nick realises that there are even weirder things going on in life. In the form of his new football coach, who is attempting to collect personal items of everyone in the class so he can control them. And the fact someone is on a murder spree of fourteen year old boys, which Nick is. The reasons for this will become clear as you read on.We meet a few new characters, my favourite being Death, aka Morty, a chef for Sanctuary and volunteer for the suicide helplines. We also meet Aimee and the rest of the Peltier clan, a family of shapeshifter bears who own Sanctuary, a pub and sanctuary for other paranormal types, and a few more. Again we meet Acheron and Simi and Kody and Bubba and other familiar faces.Sherrilyn Kenyon once again brings New Orleans to life with full description, and the plot is brilliant, full of mystery, paranormal stuff and a little bit of romance.It also leaves us expecting more-the relationship between Nick and Uncle Ambrose needs to be explored (readers of the Dark Hunter series should have worked it out) and I generally want to see what else happens to Nick that makes him into the guy we know in the DH series.Overall: 4/5 because its great fun with a good story and something for everyone.More reviews at Death Books and Tea