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Alice in the Country of Hearts Volume 5 GN - QuinRose Review: A ball is going to be held in the Country of Hearts, and Alice does not want to go at all. especially once she knows that Blood Dupre, mafia boss/mad hatter/irritating person will be there. However Boris the Cheshire Cat, Gowland the Duchess and Julius the Clockmaker get her there, where she meets with Blood, Vivaldi (the Queen of Hearts), Peter White (the Rabbit) and others. Somehow she ends up in Blood’s territory, where she is invited to his rose garden, and learns about the relationship between him and Vivaldi. It ends on a cliffhanger that makes me think that Quinrose is trying to bring Alice in the Country of Hearts to an end.So the plot was interesting, slightly slowed down from other volumes and a bit boring. Theres a bit more serious stuff going on here, but there’s still a good dose of comic relief that makes it a quick light read. The characters all have distinct personalities that are completely different to those of their corresponding characters in Alice in Wonderland, but still recognisably them.The comedy probably isn’t to everyone’s liking. I enjoyed it though-this is one of my favourite comedy mangas. Theres some that the majority of people will like (ie Julius asking Ace to lead him and Alice to the ball, in the hope they will get lost enough that they miss it completely), but some jokes are slightly more mature which will be completely lost on younger readers.The art is pretty, as always. Most of the time its simple and realistic, which really work for this manga and its storyline, theme, etc. However the use of chibis (super deformed characters used for comic effect normally) that comes up occasionally also suit the manga, and the situations and they’re not too overdone. Its interesting seeing the characters in formal wear-especially Boris, now in a suit as opposed to his normal punk wear and pink feather boa. He still has the tail piercing though *laughs*The ending makes me want the sixth volume NOW. I’m not going to giveaway spoilers, but if you read it, you will want to read it too.Overall: Strength 4 tea to a quick light read that WILL make you laugh. Recommended especially to those who enjoy classics re-done, Alice in Wonderland, cute things and a bit of romance.PS: Why does Julius the Watchmaker and Elliot the March Hare look so much like Acheron and Kyrian from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series?