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Quest of the Demon - M.L. Sawyer Review: This gets off to a very quick start. Darci is accidentally zapped into a fantasy world within the first few pages. This is done by apprentice wizard Taslessian. However, being only a apprentice means that he doesn’t know how to send her back. And neither can his master. The only thing they can suggest is that they go find a greater wizard, such as a dragon. Said dragon says that there is nothing they can do about it as she has a greater purpose somewhere. Said purpose is to quest in order to find a way to defeat a demon, Demolish, who has come into the world and upset the magical balance. She can only get home if they succeed. And so with Taslessian, and some others, Darci gets to fight to save the world as they know it.As I said, a quick start. Then the action keeps coming and coming, hardly slowing down. It kept you interested and you had to be paying attention. At times the descriptions drag on a little too much, when you just want to find out what’s happening without going into too much detail. However, when the action was slightly slowed, the description was interesting. It’s interesting seeing it in third person, when it could easily have been written in first, a format we see more often in young adult, particularly non-realistic books.Our protagonists are all very likeable. Lief and Taslessian were both incredibly nice, and the love triangle with Darci was somewhat stereotypical but nevertheless nice to see develop. We also got some good backstory, which we had to wait a long while for, thus answering questions we had about the characters. My favourite character is Defyance, the female warrior-especially the way she verbally spars with a dragon. And I loved the dragons too!Something I didn’t quite get was the sense of time passing. I guess with all the action I didn’t realise the time passing. I only really noticed when it said that Darci’s hair had grown three inches and I was all like “three inches...that’s a lot....but hair grows slowly....THEY’VE REALLY BEEN THERE THAT LONG??”. It’s hard to believe that she was there for a long time.The story progressed quickly, through all the stages of the typical fantasy book (normality, disturbance, find info, get going, progress, big fight, back to normal/cliffhanger). There was a good mix of action and fantasy, with the romance being only a side extra. The ending was absolutely amazing-a lot of action and a good showdown involving our five heroes, demon Demolish, and evil wizard Domati.Overall: A great adventure fantasy series I really want to see more of, ie book 2 Tallen. Strength 4.