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Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb - MJ Ware .Review: Nate and Misty find themselves in a bit of a bad situation. With bad meaning there are zombies out roaming the streets and our two heroes had to fight for survival. Along the way, they meet a young boy called Kali, who they end up taking along for the ride, and find an unconventional weapon for use against the undead-any liquid with a high pH value- the most accessible of this being lemon juice!It all starts very quickly, with the mayor being bitten and turning into a zombie within three short chapters. Our main characters soon realise there is a zombie apocalypse is happening, and steal a car. I loved that scene. Two teenagers in a stolen vintage car driving through zombie ridden streets? Awesome. The only disappointment here was that they never actually hit the zombies in the car. Really, when you get a car chase with zombies, you just want to see them flying up in the air, don’t you? I get disappointed easily... Luckily this was resolved nearer the end!It would have been nice to see a couple more characters, although I think we did get really close to our main three, Nate, Misty and Kali. There wasn’t much development, but I still liked these characters. To start with, Kali was infuriatingly know it all, but this slowly grew on me and I really felt for him.The take on zombies was really good. they were funny, and the fact that something as simple as lemon juice kills them deader? Amazing.This book played to my sense of humour really well, especially the opening. Partway through, the humour was toned down slightly to make way for the survival aspect. The writing wasn’t particularly complex, but kept the story going and me interested. The structure was simple and fun.Overall: Strength 3 tea to a fun zombie book by an author I’d quite like to see more from.