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Intertwined - Gena Showalter Review: Aden’s spent his life going from house to house, due to his being “crazy”. But the actual reason is because he has four souls inside his head, constantly talking to him, making him possess someone else, making him raise the dead, making him timetravel and predicting his death. When he gets to Crossroads, he meets Mary Anne who quiets the voices, and vampire princess Victoria who’s been haunting his dreams. From this, Aden learns of many other paranormal creatures that somehow are attracted to him, and he’ll have to learn how to use his supernatural abilities in order to stay alive.The first chapter definitely pulls you in, with the souls inside Aden being introduced an interesting, and quite funny, way. The other major characters also get neat introductions, and I liked them all from the start.The main plot didn’t take too long to establish, but from then on, it was quite drawn out. Not in a bad way. Just carrying on and on throughout the novel. The subplots don’t distract too much from the main plot either. This really wasn’t explained very well. Sorry.I like the way almost all the major charcters are introduced quickly. I was slightly disappointed Aden and Mary Anne didn’t get together, because I think they would have made a good couple. However, Victoria and Riley turn up and they pair up with Aden and Mary Anne respectively and it all works out ok.The huge mix of creatures that crop up was amazing. I’d definitely like to see if there’ll be any more, unusual and unconventional creatures coming in in later books.Why isn’t this getting strength 5 tea? There’s just a little something missing. I’m not entirely sure what that is, but there’s something. Hopefully we’ll find it in book two.Overall: Strength 4 tea to a great start to a paranormal series I can’t wait to see more of. And seeing as the book’s already out, then I don’t think I’ll have long. As long as I can find it.