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The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler Review: Josh and Emma are your normal best friends, and have been forever. Then various things happen and Josh joins AOL. Emma takes the disc, fires it up, and finds her Facebook profile. Except there's something else. This is 1996. Facebook has not been invented yet. And the entries are dated fifteen years into the future. Armed with the knowledge of their future lives, they set around putting the gears into motion to make these things happen. Except maybe they don't. Emma and Josh soon learn what it's like to mess around with the future.Read the premises, fell in love. What a great idea. And coming from two reputedly amazing authors, well, awesomeness was sure to come some time.The world building is quite good. I say world building because I'd say it was an effort to fully imagine a world where hardly anyone knew how computers worked. It's amazing how easily I can imagine a world completely different such as the Victorian period or some sci-fi setting with ease, but need a little time to adjust to it being in the decade I was born.It's quite a thought provoking book. You wouldn't think it, but it is. For example, Josh reads on his facebook page that he and Sydney end up married. Before then, he'd always thought of her as being out of his league, and it's only when he knows they'll end up married when he starts flirting with her. If you knew that in the future, something happens to you that you'd never thought would happen, would you take steps to actively bring about the event? Or stop it?Emma does something similar, refreshing her page to see if she can change her future. this all makes for interesting events, conflict between Josh and Emma about what's happening, and an interesting storyline.Emma, you can understand why she'd want to change her future, but I did find myself wanting to shout at her for playing about when she already had a good life mapped out, according to Facebook. Josh is a very down to earth character, very likeable, and I kept hoping that throughout all of Emma's messing about with time, that he got a nice future.The ending did seem a little anti-climatic, even if I couldn't think of a better way of ending it.I really enjoyed the dual narration. Having both Josh's and Emma's point of view on everything made it interesting and meant we didn't see it all from Emma's slightly pessimistic (towards the end) or Josh's happy view on things.Overall: Strength 4 tea to an original story that worked out very well.