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Infamous  - Sherrilyn Kenyon I think I’ve said it before. I love this series. I read the Dark Hunter series, I read the Dark Hunter manga, it just makes sense that I read Infinity. And the next one. And the next one. Nick’s still in a bad way-finding out that your “uncle” is yourself from the future, trying to prevent you from being (like his other attempts at safeguarding you) put into mental hospitals, sucked into Nether-realms and worse. And as he learns more and more about his powers, and what he can do, he becomes closer to either saving the world or destroying it. Just what every fifteen year old needs.If there’s one great thing about the series (and trust me, there’s more), it’s the huge mix of characters. We get gods and goddesses, familiar and unfamiliar, demons (Simi is my favourite thing about this series), Dark Hunters, vampires (current favourite is Virgil, the lawyer), shapeshifters (The bears at Sanctuary), a fair amount of humans, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. At least, I think there’ll be four. We’ve only met two. I want to meet the others. And Nick of course. The good thing is that, while there’s so many, I can still keep track of them. If I really wanted to, I could draw out a neat(-ish) map of character relationships. And all the characters have their own personalities. Individual, interesting and really good to get friendly with.Nick is a great character. At the start, there’s a paragraph that sums up exactly why I love him “Nicholas Ambrosius Gautier-smart mouthed, streetwise kid. Typical teenager. Gaming guru. Anime and manga obsessed otaku. Socially awkward around any girl his age. Total evil.” And from there, he just keeps growing. His relationships with his mother and many other characters develop, and you see him understand and take control of his powers and general life a bit more. And his lovely little romance with Kody. Too bad she [ERASED FOR SPOILER].As well as the demonic powers coming into play aspect, there’s also another plot running sideon. A nasty website has been started saying the worst things about almost everyone. Nick’s attempts to deal with everything being said about him and his friends are interesting, and his powers shake a couple of things up, which makes me happy for the characters involved. The world building is so good. No, that’s not the right word. The world should have already been built. The atmosphere. Yes, that’s it. It’s so easy for me to believe that in New Orleans, there is a set of hunters and paranormal creatures running around protecting the world from evil. Really, I want to go there. Not just the New Orleans Kenyon has created, but also New Orleans (the real one in Louisiana).Overall: Strength 5 to a great continuation in what is one of my favourite series. Can’t wait for book 4, Inferno. Should probably catch up with the Dark Hunter series while I’m waiting. But that’s a whole different thing entirely...