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Black Swan Rising - Lee Carroll Review: Garet James opens a box that had been soldered shut for an old man. She doesn't think anything of it. Why should she? But then her gallery is broken into, her father is shot, she meets Oberon, King of the fairies, and is told that that old man is John Dee, opening the box in order to summon Despair and Discord to the world. As well as this, she meets vampire Will Hughes, and falls in love with him.It all starts very quickly. We don't get much introduction to Garet-we learn more about her and her history as we progress through the story.I like the many twists and turns throughout the story. The action doesn't seem to slow down, it kept going on and on. I liked the huge range of characters in this-vampires, fairies, dragons, demons, mermaids and gnomes. I especially liked the little fire fairy Lol. However I didn't like the fact that after some of the characters had been introduced, they didn't seem to come up again. Hopefully the things they did will be relevant and they themselves will crop up again in the sequel.The romance in itwas your typical vampire human relatoinship with the added bonus that quite a bit of blood was shared (it's annoying when a vampire falls in love with a human but doesn't drink his/her blood.) It got a bit confusing though when towards the end Madame Dufray was brought in. It was suggested that, in a past life, Garet wasMadame Dufray. However this wasn't properly explored or explained, and I'd like to read more about Will and his past interactions inthe sequel, The Watchtower.It's in first person, Garet's POV, and we got a good idea of how she feels.My favourite thing about this is how everything cleverly fits together regarding the relationships, even if it wasn't very well explained.Overall: Strength 4 tea to a book that mixes up various different fantasy elements in an interesting way.