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Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare Review: We’re back in Victorian London with Tess, Jem, and Will. They’re still on the lookout for the Magister, and brother Nate. On another count, we get Jem and Will opening up a huge amount to Tess, meaning she’s caught in an epic love triangle. There’s also someone betraying all of the Institute’s secrets, and things just go from there.I’m really getting into Cassandra Clare’s writing. Having enjoyed both the books in the Infernal Devices series, I really want to go back to The Mortal Instruments and get more of this world that works well in Victorian London.It’s nice how accurate the London that Cassandra made is, with all her alterations stated in an author’s note.The love triangle actually works well in Clockwork Prince. And it is actually a triangle, with both boys loving and being loved by Tess in a romantic way, and they love each other in a strong platonic way. The parabatai idea is really nice, generally interesting, and adds a lot to Jem, Will, and the way we see them.I really liked the fact we learn a lot about will, both character and background wise. He’s still a bit annoying and cocky, but a little less so. And we get reasons, so we can just about excuse him.My favourite character is Magnus. He’s funny, interesting, and different in a way that not many immortal characters aren’t. You also get a lot of character development, and a full likable cast-with the exception of a couple of characters.I enjoyed the recurrent use of poetry at the start of each chapter and at random points during the novel. It broke up the really long chapters and blocks of text, and added a little extra interest. I also really loved The Demon Pox Song. Overall: Strength 5 tea to a series and author that’s really growing on me.