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Clarity - Kim Harrington Review: Clarity “Clare” Fern comes from a long-ish line of psychics. In relation to her family, she didn’t do too badly-if she touches an object, she might be able to pick up on memories associated with it. Might. Her powers don’t always work. And then a girl turns up murdered, and her brother Perry is the prime suspect-everything leads to his being the killer. Determined that he is innocent, Clarity uses everyhitng she can to try and find the true killer. But it may not be as easy as simply using her sight-she might have to rely on ex-boyfriend Justin and new-guy-in-town Gabriel too.Murder and psychics-I definitely wouldn’t give this one a miss. The opening chapter is Clare confronting her possible killer. Joy oh joy. Then back to nine days before, setting up the scene. Introducing the family, introducing the characters, and killing Victoria off (who we never actually meet, so it’s not a big plot spoiler or anything) within the first fifty pages. Fun.There’s something about the majority of the cast that makes them really likeable. I’m not sure what it is, but I found myself seeing the characters as if they were real, and wanting things to go well for them, and generally caring for them.Clare is quite well rounded, and she handles herself well. She’s a good narrator, adding humour where it’s relavent, and her relationship with her brother is your typical, easy relationship where playfights are common. Throughout the course of the book, she learns a few important lessons, such as using her common sense, and not jumping to conclusions. Perry is ok, somewhat funny even though he’s not really a comic relief character. I couldn’t really get close to Justin-I just didn’t care about him when we first met him, and when he starts becoming important, I had to remember who he was. Gabriel, his attitude was a little annoying. And most guys who the author describes as being hot, I don’t like-Gabriel was one of them. I didn’t hate him, but I also just didn’t care.It’s amazing how easily a love triangle can kind of kill the awesomeness. Especially if one of the boys involved has already had his chance with the girl. The romance didn’t add anything.I really liked the whole psychic aspect. Madame Maslov was one of my favourite characters, who wasn’t as bad as we first thought. Clare’s mother was also really cool, and I thought it was sweet how she wouldn’t give up on the hope that her husband would be coming home.Plot turns were simple, but well done. Nothing was incredibly complex, but it’s at the enjoyable, not patronising level, There were a few things that were predictable (ie the rising body count), but the climax/reveal of the killer was totally unexpected. To be honest, I couldn’t see who it would be. But it’s nice it ended how it did.Overall: Strength 4 tea to a new psychic mystery series. I’d definitely like to read the next book, Perception.