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Dark Kiss - Michelle Rowen Review: Samantha is your normal girl-not that popular, not that pretty, not that amazing. But at a party, she gets kissed by a boy, Stephen, and is subsequently noticed by everyone. From there, she meets Bishop, who she falls for, and learns what she has become-a Gray, that feeds on souls with kisses. As well as this,o Bishop is an angel and she ends up running around with two angels and two demons.It's not the most original concept of all time, but it's pulled off quite well. It's really nice having angels that get bloody often. We also get a long talk about the angel and demon lore in the Night Watchers series, which makes sense and is really nice. The second part of the lore, explained by Natalie, was narrated quite flatly so it made me case less about it.About Natalie. She's a fairly important character in terms of her relationship with Sam and so on, but she comes along halfway through out of nowhere. And we've only known her for a few pages before her big reveal.The other characters aren't that standout-y, but they're good enough for me to care about them. The whole Bishop and Kraven thing was totally unexpected but wasn't explored too much. It'd be nice to see it develop in later novels.Samantha started off a bit of a stereotype that didn't improve when the popular guy kisses her, but slowly, by the end of Dark Kiss anyway, she's grown into someone interesting who you like. The voice is full of not that deep thoughts, mainly stating the obvious.Plot-not that original or unpredictable, but still enjoyable. Some twists I saw coming, others I didn't. There's a few plots moving underneath the main one, but it's not complex or hard to follow.The end is satisfying, but not the kind that leaves me desperate for more. However, it is a good world that Rowan has developed and I'll read Wicked Kiss if I get the opportunity. Overall: Strength 3 tea to a novel that plays with angels and demons well.