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Dark War - Tim Waggoner ALL THE LOVE!!!Review: After falling to pieces and getting thorough all of that, Matt Richter really just wants to settle down with half-vampire girlfriend Devona. But, this being Nekropolis. That’s really unlikely. After sorting stuff out in parallel world, he goes home to find even more problems. The Arcane (witches and wizards) are blaming the Demonfolk for recent Arcane disappearances. The Demonfolk aren’t happy and a war threatens to break out. But there’s something else bugging Matt…Following my total love for Nekropolis and Dead Streets, of course I had to get hold of this. I like the fact that old favourites are brought back especially Lazlo, his tazi, and Vavara. I didn’t like the return of Gregor, but that’s only because he’s annoying and hard to understand. But he is essential to the plot, so I can’t really complain.The darkly funny, slightly sarcastic writing style from the earlier books acre carried over into this one. I love Tim’s writing style and there’s always something to make me laugh.There’s a ridiculously varied cast. From zombie detectives to demon overlords (well, lady. You get the idea) to scarily intelligent oversize bugs- you name it, you’ll find some variation on it.Plot wise, it’s a bit different, with all out war between (factions? Districts? Denominations?) of paranormal creatures brewing. I like the fact it’s something a bit different, but still believable for this kind of book.Benny makes a welcome, major-y appearance. I really love Benny in both forms. Because demon-y thingys that shift gender every few seconds are just cool like that. Vavara comes a close second, followed by Matt, Devona and Varney the Vampire (reporter that tags along to everything). I feel really attached to all the inhabitants of Nekropolis now…The ending. Damn. The really important bit happens in eleven lines, and leaves your imagination to run wild. I can’t spoil it for you, but wow. A whole new world just waiting to be explored. And no news of a fourth book.Overall: Strength 5 tea to a strong finale(?) to a series I really love.