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The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan Review: in this world, magicians are the ones who use their talents to call demons to use their powers. Nick and his brother Alan have beein on the run for years from a magician. When Alan gets marked by a demon, after other sibling set Mae and Jamie come to them asking Nick is determined to save him-and the only way for that to happen is for someone to end up dead.I have to thank Cait and Liz for this. I picked this up ages ago when I was first getting into paranormal things but never got through it. This time, I was actually paying attention to it and really quite enjoyed it.Nick, to start with, is not wholly likeable. He doesn’t care for anyone except his brother and he’s very sarky in a horrible way and quite a bit of an ass. As the book progresses, I likked him a bit more.Alan is a lot more emotional, a nicer person and generally more likable. There’s also Mae and Jamie, who I think develop more than the two brothers as they learn more about this world of magic.The relationships are really interesting. The one between Alan and Nick is really deep, and I loved seeing them look out for eachother. Then comes Chapter 11. And aww.... Love triangles, I don’t tend to care about. But then the stakes are automatically higher when two parties involved are brothers, and if one gets her, they’ll break the other’s heart.. the third person writing was close, so we got into his thoughts quite well. Although Nick was a bit annoying, his personality makes for some really witty conversations. I generally really liked Sarah’s writing style.I really liked the setting. It’s multiple places in England, but the Goblin Market would officially be part of my favourite places to be if it were real. The magic system is different and original, and enjoyable.The plot-everything happens for a good reason. The second half was very actionfilled, as was the ending. The ending and the big reveal! Yes, there were hints throughout, but when it was actually revealed it was all “seriously? That is cool.”Overall: Strength 4 tea for some really good urban fantasy. I’ll definitely hunt out more of this series.