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The Things We Did for Love - Natasha Farrant Review: France 1944. France is occupied by the Germans. Luc, Arianne and Romy are three teenagers in a lovetriangle. Rory has the chance to see Luc off, but at a high price. As the Germans enter the area, the three of them do many things for love.I really enjoy good historical, especially when they deal with parts of history that I’m not that familiar with. And we hardly ever get taught about World War 2 except from a British pov, which I find a shame. Anyway. France.Part one, I had to read twice. Neither time I really understood it and its use. There were bits of things starting to build up, but it was quite disjointed with random things happening, some of which I didn’t get how were furthering the plot in ways other than knowing the characters.Part two is very short, but by then there’s the big sense of tensions rising both between Luc and Arianne and between the people of the town and... er, normal, safey life. And then there’s something that sets off the climax.Part three. Right in the feels. So much happens to these characters that you quite like. And then... yeah. Read it. Be prepared to be upset.The atmosphere of a wartorn community comes through so well. The community, the betrayal, the dependence on someone else. You really feel like you know these people.The characters are fleshed out well. My favourite was Solenge, because she ws fun, at least at the start. I also really liked Father Julien and Alois, the soldier.The reason this doesn’t get a higher rating is because it was a bit slow and I’d have liked to see our main characters do a bit more. I’d also like to know Luc and Arianne a bit more too.Overall: Strength 3 tea to a short sweet romance.