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Seraphina - Rachel Hartman Review: It’s been 40 years since the treaty ws signed, bringing peace between humans and dragons, in the medieval fantasy land of Goredd. Seraphina is a sixteen year old musician at the palace, hiding a secret. One day,Prince Rufus is murdered, in a method that points highly to dragons. The tension between humans and dragons rises, Seraphina gets dragged into this, and discovers that this may be just the beginning of the end of peace. Oh, and she also has to deal with the people in her head, visions of her mother’s memories and keeping her secret secret.DRAGONS!! The mythology in this is amazing. The dragons are intelligent, have their own civilisation, and are able to fold themselves down into human form.Seraphina is really well fleshed out, like all of the characters. You learn a lot about all of them, with little hints being dropped in steadily throughout.The people in Seraphina’s head! I loved that element. The interactions are always informative, and a bit of comic relief. The supporting characters brought their own things to the story, especially Glisselda and Lucien. My favourite character was either Seraphina herself, or Orma, her mentor/dragon/guardian/teacher/cool person.I’ve said about the mythology of Seraphina, but then there’s also the society. It’s a very easy to belive in medieval fantasy society, with segregation by species and a full court.The romance between Lucien and Seraphina was really sweet, and happily didn’t detract from the rest of the novel.The writing is excellent. Really descriptive, with fitting language, and generally beautiful. There’s also some inworld expressions that really add to the culture and the atmosphere to this. I am so thankful for the glossary and the dramatis personae at the back.Overall: Strength 5 tea to a beautiful medieval fantasy. Highly looking forwards to book 2.