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Fallen Grace

Fallen Grace - Mary Hooper Review: I never properly enjoyed Hooper's other books, but I liked this one a lot. most likely becuase its set in a funeral parlour. I also normally don't like little rags to riches stories, but I think I made an exception for this. O like seeing the highs and lows in Grace's life, like how a poor Victorian girl's life would be. Grace is well characterised as a young determined woman. The harsh look at Victorian lives is filled with historical accuracy- correct to almost every last detail, with the author's notes at the end explaining everything. The whole thing had beautiful descriptions, painting lovely pictures in my head and bringing the story to life. The Victorian style calling cards, epitahs, newspaper clippings and so on heading every chapter are the beautiful final touches.Overall: I give this Strength 5 tea beacuse it was so beautiful, had a lovely setting and I couldn't find anything to fault with it.