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Montmorency: Thief Liar Gentleman? (After Words)

Montmorency: Thief Liar Gentleman? (After Words) - Eleanor Updale : Montmorency begins a thief. He's in prison after a long run of not being caught, and then only got caught because he fell off a roof, or something like that. And then it's time for his release. Determined he wants a better life, he decides he's going to be a proper gentleman. But he can't do that without money. To get around this, he creates two personalities: the gentleman Montmorency and his servant Scarper. This is the story of his double life and the dangers he faces.The plot was interesting, but not the most memorable. It progresses through various parts of Victorian London, going from prison, to the back alleyways, to the posh end of town and back.I liked the way Montmorency thinks, his logic behind it all. The way he kept on top of everything was my favourite thing about the book.It's a different take on the Victorian era, for me anyway. Unlike what I tend to read, this book makes no mention of anything paranormal or futuristic. This is simply a well researched tour of Victorian London, both the posh front and the underworld.The characters were easy to distinguish, but, like the plot, not the most memorable. But they do stick with you somewhat, such as Cissie, who is most likely the most annoying character I have ever met in a book.Overall: I give this strength 3 tea to a book that was good, but not amazing. Recommended for younger readers.