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Fever Crumb

Fever Crumb - Philip Reeve Review: Scriven are speckled, pale, speckled creatures, who ruled London for years. A baby girl is left on a doorstep, with a label explaining that “her name is Fever”. She grows up as an engineer, the first female one, until she is asked to go and help someone. Kit Solent, archaeologist, wants Fever to help him with the treasure trove he’s found. Why? Because he thinks that she’s the one who can be used to unlock the secrets of Scriven Auric Godshawk. Also, there are people who believe that Fever is a Scrivien herself, and are willing to kill her for it.This is the first I’ve read of anything to do with Fever Crumb or the Traction Cities series. I like the idea of the walking cities, but we weren't quite there yet. Instead we get a world that isn’t typically steampunk due to its lack of technology, but is definitely distinctive. There’s lots of clever references to today’s world, with Fever’s world being built on the remains of outs in terms of language and culture.The scriven are a subspecies who, after believing themselves to be superior, took over London and ruled it until the humans revolted. The plot with Charley and Creech attempting to kill fever was a good plot What was more interesting was the history of the Scirven and their interactions with the humans, especially the backstory with Doctor Crumb and Wavey, the Scriven princess.Fever was a bit annoying at the start. Because her upbringing made her aloof and uncaring for art and fun. I did warm up to her with time though. I really liked the fact that she was clever and inquisitive, and I liked seeing her discover her own secrets.I also really liked Kit for some reason. I would have liked to get into the characters heads more.Plotwise, it changes tack quite a bit. I think that the climax of Londoners vs Movement was good, but not amazing. Other plot points were really fascinating.I have no knowledge of the Hungry Cities main series. I can’t comment on Fever Crumb’s effectiveness as a prequel. As a prelude to another time set of this world, with a lot more things developed, I’ll definitely read Mortal Engines one day.Overall: Strength 3 tea to an original steampunkworld I'd love to see more of.