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My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers)

My Soul to Take  - Rachel Vincent Review: Kaylee Cavanaugh has a weird, unwanted, supernatural talent. If someone near her is about to die, she can sense it and she screams. A lot. And as girls around her start dying for no reason, it’s up to her, her somewhat-boyfriend Nash, and others to work out what’s happening and what they can do to stop it.Rachel Vincent uses this to write about banshees, Irish creatures who scream/sing when death is close. Banshees are often overlooked in YA paranormal fiction, and it’s nice having a good variety of creatures to choose from. Reapers also feature in this book, adding a little more interest to it. The fact two under-represented creatures are in this is something that made me want to read it. Even though I didn’t know about the reapers before I read it.It gets going very quickly. The club at which the first girl dies is literally the first chapter, and said girl is dead by the end of the next one. This fast pace is kept up throughout, keeping me interested and wanting to read on.To me, Kaylee and Nash become real people by the end of it, as did the world of bean sihdes (banshees) and reapers both of these incorporate very very well into “real life”, if you get what I mean. They kind of slot together well as if they were always there and the author was just pointing them out. So the paranormal elements locked in well with real life.Kaylee undergoes a lot of development, learning about her power, how to controlit and other things with Nash. They make a great couple together, both powerfully and also romantically. My absolute favourite character is Tod, because of his personality and the fact that he’s a reaper.I like Rachel Vincent’s writing style. It flows well and moves the plot along. The romantic scenes were written well, and so were the action scenes towards the end.Overall: Strength 4 tea to an original series. I would definitely like to carry on reading series.