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Geek Girl

Geek Girl - Holly Smale Review: Harriet Manners is a geek, and proud of it. One day, she’s on a school trip, and she gets spotted by a modelling agency. Whisked away for a photoshoot and a makeover, Harriet finds her life changing in many ways-and not all for the better.I requested this because lots of people said it would be good. I started this book. And Harriet started talking. And spouting some really random facts. And I did not like her for the first part of the book. I’m really glad that she was clever, because it beats the heck out of someone who is too dumb to live. But people who just talk on and on to lengths such as Harriet to people who aren’t interested irritate me. As the book went on and it was established that Harriet was a geek, we focused more on the plot, I liked Harriet a bit more. Annoying fact insertation, Harriet is likable, funny and a great main character. She’s become a lot more mature by the end of the book.I really liked some of the secondaries, for example Nat and Annabel. Alexa got what she had coming together. Wilbur was downright irritating throughout. Toby, the stalker, was annoying, but cute. Nick, the love interest, was sweet from what we saw of him, but I feel we should have gotten to know him a bit more. I think all the characters could have been a bit deeper, and developed more (aside from Harriet, who was done really well).The school side of Geek Girl, the atmosphere, and social dynamics were well captured. I have no experience of the modelling world, so I have no idea how realistic it was, but it’s a good setting to bring out different sides of the characters.I really like the fact that Harriet stays true to herself, realises that it doesn’t matter what she looks like, that being a geek is good and dressing in XXX isn’t everything, and spreads the word majorly.Overall: Strength 3.25 tea to a cute contemporary with a nice message.