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The Selection

The Selection - Review: Prince Maxon is coming of age and needs a wife. And so they hold a selection-thirty five girls are sent to the palace to compete for the title-and Maxon’s heart. America Singer is one of these lucky girls, but she doesn’t really want to be. But then she meets Maxon, and he really isn’t as bad as she thought he’d be. But then there’ns Aspen, the guy she was ready for a life with before she got selected. And so she has to decide her future.This has way more romance in it than I thought there’d be. Next in influence is the reality TV show element, which I can’t help thinking is influenced more than a little by things like The Hunger Games publicising everything. The dystopian aspect, contrary to what I’d heard before reading this, is played down a bit, unless the fact that one girl will be forced to marry the prince whether she likes it or not-even though the majority of them do like it.America’s name was really offputting. Why would anyone name their child after the country they live in? Then it turns out their nation is called Illea. And there’s still countries such as China existing. Global world building doesn’t happen until three quarters of the way through. And while there’s a reason, it’s annoying. National world building, with the caste system, was easy to pick up and go along with.America is definitely different, what with having the nerve to talk back to Maxon and stand up for herself, as compared to the really quite superficial girls that go to the palace too. However, she’s not really that interesting. Same goes for Maxon-more likeable than America’s narration made him out to be, but not as strong as he could be. My favourite characters are the king and queen.There’s always something happening. It may vary in conflict/interest levels, but there’s still something interesting happening. The plot develops slowly and steadily, but just about fast enough to keep me interested. It’s a nice idea to not have the Selection completed by the end of the first novel. I’ll definitely read on, just to see who gets chosen.Love triangle. Damn. Ruined. She’s in a long term relationship before being selected. And then she leaves him both physically and emotionally. She still has feelings for Aspen, but he’s out of the way and he’s been a jerk and love triangle is seemingly forgotten. AND THEN HE COMES BACK. I was so annoyed at this. Overall: Strength 3 tea to an interesting fairy tale/reality TV crossover.