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Forbidden (Demon Trappers)

Forbidden - Jana Oliver As you may or may not remember, I reviewed Book 1, Forsaken or The Demon Trappers Daughter, some time ago(see here). I was excited to read the sequel, which is being reviewed today. So, I was hoping for good things from this.Which I got a lot of.Riley Blackthorne is back. Her father has been taken and is still missing, boyfriend Simon has changed for the worse since he was almost carved up by a demon, dark mysterious guy Ori shows up more and more, the Trapper's Guild is trying to blame Riley for the recent slaughter and the Hunters are trying to find proof that Riley made a deal with Hell. Riley could back out of it, but she can't really do that. So on with life she goes, with saving the world rather high on her to do list.I enjoyed this. More than the first for some reason. Not sure why, but anyway.True to Jana's word, we see more of Ori. A LOT more of Ori. Which is nice knowing that he does have a purpose than to flatter Riley. To start with, he seems a bit too stalkery. He's always there. But then he starts seeming a bit more important, and one of the things we HAVE to know in book 3 is his story.The character development was good, as was the undevelopment of Riley and Simon's relationship. Simon's actions were completely unpredictable, and I really felt for Riley. And then she started having a relationship with Ori, which I know was the next logical step but I didn't really enjoy. I'll still ship Riley and Simon together. As long as Simon doesn't suddenly change his mind bed decide he does like Riley and Riley ends up the middle point of a full blown love triangle, I will be fine.As always, love the tagline. It doesn't fit quite as well for Forbidden, probably because Riley has priorities other than trapping demons. However, it still makes me laugh.Again, the third person POV was interesting, yet still managed to get Riley's attitude to life and everything going on in it across. It also means we get some scenes which aren't focused on Riley to break it all up now and again.And as I said before, this ends on a major cliffhanger on two facets of Riley's story.Overall: Strength 4 tea to book two in a series that seems to be getting better and better. Can't wait for the third.