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Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star - Heather Lynn Rigaud Review: It’s a modern re-do of Pride and Prejudice. Having not enjoyed the original by Jane Austen and quite enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith, it was interesting to see how it would be taken here. Shove the semi-well-known characters out of English Aristocracy and into the modern day rock world and it could be amazing. But it didn’t turn out how it could have done.The romance, like in the original, was terrible. How Darcy went from being arrogant and unlikeable to the hottest thing on earth in Elizabeth’s eyes, I will never know. Jane and Charles’ and Charlotte’s and Richard’s relationships went too fast for my liking with little background.The sex scenes weren't done very well, and either shouldn't have been done at all or someone mis-tagged it as Young Adult. This book is not Young Adult. However, it doesn't venture into Erotica either, as the sex scenes were boring blow-by-blow accounts that gave me mental images that I really didn't need. My views on including sex in a book, you either do it well and market it as erotica, or if you're going for YA, don't include the sex at all. This did neither. I know we were warned by the tagline, but by the fact it said on Goodreads it was YA and I trust Goodreads and it didn't say erotica and... Oh well. And the general frequency of them... *reaches for mental bleach knowing it will never be strong enough*It had a promising start. It introduced Slurry, the boy band with Darcy and Richard and Charles, by way of a transcript of a video, and I got a good idea of the set up and the circumstances surrounding it. And it was going quite well for a little while. It fell apart at the first sex scene, about 80 pages in. Too quick for any romance to develop.The characters all seemed quite flat to me, and I didn't care for any of them really. Darcy was rude and arrogant, and the way that Jane was messed around by Charles was really horrible. Apart from Alex, a fairly minor character. He was quite nice.As I said, the concept was very good and quite fitting if you thought about it. The plot picked up towards the end with a little story about someone being in trouble with the police and of course there's the whole thing with George Wickham underneath it. The bands, Slurry and Long Borne Suffering, were both well imagined and somewhat interesting. Overall: Strength 2 tea to something that could have worked but didn’t.