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0.4  - Mike A. Lancaster Review: Kyle Straker is being hypnotised by his best friend when something happens. Exactly what, we don't know. But everyone bar him and three others is acting weirdly-totally ignoring them, and seeming just a little bit different. He doesn't know how, or why, this has happened. All he knows is... well, nothing. And it's up to him, Lilly, and two other adults to find out what has happened, and if anything can be done about the whole situation.Intriguing premises, definitely. Even more intriguing when you see the blurb to the UK edition, which mentions almost nothing of this, and simply gives us a few things to think about.From the start, I was hooked, to see what was going to happen, and to find out what the reason for it was.The suspense, the mystery and the ever-wanting-to-know-more meant this was a quick read. Very quick. I just couldn't stop reading it, it was that interesting.Shame about the fact that not much happens. Well, quite a major thing has happened, obviously. But when we finally learn, it seems a little anti-climatic. And the conclusion wasn't epic. It was good, but not to the height it could have been.I was also disappointed with the character depth. This is (nearly) three hundred pages long, and there are (essentially) only four characters. But we get so wrapped up in seeing what it's about, that we don't get close to any of them. And therefore I didn't care at all for them when they were running away from x (I won't tell you because that would spoil it. I don't think the runny away bit is a spoiler because it happens quite a lot in YA in general).The narration was good. It wasn't the most natural of narrations considering this is meant to be a transcript of audio tapes, but it kept the story going. The notes that come in boxes are really sweet and very funny -explanations of things we take for granted, but from an outsider's POV.Overall: Strength 3 tea to a real page turner that makes you think, but falls short in other areas.