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Unraveling - Review: Janelle Tenner dies. And comes back to life. Mysterious Ben Michaels found her after being run over, and put her back together again. Obviously, she wants to know more about the guy who stopped her from being put into a coffin, but she soon has bigger problems-she discovers a countdown-but doesn’t know what’ll happen at the end of it all.The thing that got me hooked was the countdown that started every (very short) chapter. It took me a little while to realise that the countdown started with days, because my brain doesn’t work like that, but still. It was a unique addition that got you gripped from the start.Plotwise, I enjoyed it. Lots of things happen in a relatively short period of time, and there’s not many times when I don’t feel like I want to read on.The mystery is built up quite well. Clues are continually dropped, letting you figure things out for yourself, but there were some really unexpected things that increased the urgency for Janelle and the interest for us.Janelle was a rather annoying character. She takes on too much, does a lot, and never seems to tire..A bit unrealistic. She’s a good narrator, with no really distinctive qualities, aside from attempting to be smart Ben was and his lot are interesting. They’re all quite likable, aside from Ethan, but it’s easy enouch to see why Janelle would fall in love with him. The other characters...where do I start and end? There’s millions of them.It’s all rather stereotypical. The romance (instalove sprung from saving her), the strong heroine (who seems to be perfect), the stock characters (a***-holey boys, nice teacher) and so on.I liked the idea of Ben’s healing powers. They’re very convenient at the beginning and a little useful at the end. Where he got them from-not quite as good. The explanation seemed to come out of nowhere, and I didn’t like the usage of parallel worlds in Unravelling. It’s just...why? How did you get to that conclusion? What’s the point of it?Overall: Strength 2 tea to something a little different, but not amazing.