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Virals - Kathy Reichs AWReview: Tory Brennan is a fourteen year old living on an island near Charleston with a marine biologist as a father after the untimely death of her mother. She and her friends save a wolfdog from an institute that is testing a new strain of a virus on it. Soon after, they all start to get ill and weird things start happening to them. On top of this, they find some old bones that they work out belong to a girl who went missing many years ago. Then they get sucked into this mystery/fantasy adventure.From the blurb, I didn’t see much of an original fantasy concept. But the fantasy in this book is DNA being altered somewhat, which makes a very nice change to all the vampires and shapeshifters I normally read.The plot is very good. A lot happens and it’s paced very well, apart from possibly the start where everything has to be laid out and is therefore a little slow. From just before the second half, there’s always something new happening. I like the fact that it’s written from Tory’s point of view, but where she’s actually talking to you. The informal style works well, makes you feel slightly involved in the story and adds a bit more to the writing.The characters were all fleshed out very well, even those that didn’t have much of a part. We got descriptions of backstories and a lot of other things, which made them all feel real. Some of them got on my nerves a lot, from the way Rory felt about them and described them to us, but I think that’s the way they were supposed to be written. I liked the little twists we find out about the characters just before they get written out of the story.Tory seemed to know a lot for her age. Even if her great aunt is a world renowned scientist, it’s still a little unrealistic for her to know so much and be able to identify a set of bones in the middle of the night.The romance is excellent. Or should I say, lack of. Actually, there is a little, but it really helps the story move on and doesn’t overshadow the rest of the plot.Overall: Strength 4.5 rounded up to 5 for the start of this fun adventure/fantasy/mystery series that I hope to see more of.